20blinks is an open community. We know that not everything will be flawless, and tastes are personal, but be respectful in what you blink, in your comments and conversations.


Think before you make something public. 20blinks isn't the place to store your private family pictures. There are other products like Flickr intended for this. Please use them instead.


We cannot accept hateful, offensive, unnecessarily hurtful, discriminating, pornographic or sexually explicit content. We are ok with occasional nude as long as it has clear artistic merit. If you see a Blink that doesn't follow these guidelines you can click on the "Report this" button and tell us what you think. In most cases we will remove it and/or suspend the account.


Blinks are best when they have a link back to the original website/source. We understand that images from the earliest releases of 20blinks may not contain those links. If you notice such a Blink, you can leave a comment to help find the original source.


If you find something you created in someone else's Blinks and you don't want it displayed, you can leave a comment or just use the "Report this" functionality. Mind that when you upload or publish your own work on 20blinks it may be ReBlinked by someone else, which is ok. Also mind that in most cases it will be a misunderstanding and not intended to be malicious. Ultimately we can remove it and/or even suspend the account.